Tools for Knowing. Technology for Healing.

There are plenty of foot scanners in the marketplace and we’ve all seen them – simple boxes that are glorified Xerox machines.

Only XtremityOne puts all the tools you need into a single resource as a complete suite for the most advanced tools for foot care. Get ready to put your practice on the cutting edge of technology!

The only 2D-to-3D foot imaging system offering a true 1-to-1 representation, XtremityOne provides an accurate, mirrored image of the foot in unmatched clarity. Your patient treatment process is complete with immediate electronic order submission for corrective & preventative devices – prescription orthotics, diabetic inserts, or accommodative inserts!

PAL has created this solution for the foot care industry’s technological need- keeping both the practitioner and patient-experience top of mind. PAL understands that practitioners today are faced with a different set of challenges than their predecessors. Tech-savvy patients (essentially anyone who knows how to do a simple Google search) are logging on to research their foot complications – even before going to a physician- and are becoming educated consumers. Patients know they are now able to demand rapid turnaround times on testing, product delivery and healing.

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