XtremityOne Benefits For Your Practice

One-Stop-Shop. Get ready to revolutionize your practice with XtremityOne.  Whether you are currently utilizing plaster, casting socks, foam boxes or even a digital scanning device, XtremityOne will have your practice wowing patients, achieving more referrals, saving time and making more money!

XtremityOne, is a portable, integrated unit, delivering a cost-effective solution whereby practitioners are able to showcase patient education and utilize the most advanced technology for diagnostics, treatment and prevention.

Education: Today’s patient is an educated consumer. XtremityOne answers the demand for enhanced patient educational materials improving patient compliance and speeding up the healing process.

Diagnostics: Corrective and offloading devices are now prescribed with the accuracy of plaster castingwithout the mess! XtremityOne is the only system of its kind to produce a 1-to-1 image of the foot. Never before have patients seen a mirrored image of the foot in such clarity, sending patients home with referrals to family and friends!

Treatment: PAL gold-standard products are available for immediate electronic order  submission. The precision of imaging from XtremityOne ensures that corrective and offloading devices speed up healing. PAL’s entire catalog of diabetic and accommodative inserts and functional orthotics are delivered with the quality that PAL has been known for, for 35 years!

Prevention: Educating patients with the materials from XtremityOne increases patient compliance and helps to prevent future complications. XtremityOne is the tool for practitioners to provide meticulous attention to foot care and proper management of foot injuries.

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