Enhancing the Diabetic Practice with the Convenience of XtremityOne

While the link between diabetic foot ulceration and prescription inserts is well understood, it is not as well known that there is a precise, cost-effective way to ensure the best possible fit for prescription diabetic inserts; while simultaneously offering up ease and convenience.  XtremityOne from PAL Health Technologies is the solution.

XtremityOne serves as a single portal whereby practitioners are able take a 3D image of diabetic patients’ feet, store unlimited patient information and complete the process with immediate order submission from PAL’s complete catalog of diabetic healing and preventative devices. Due to the electronic submission to the PAL lab, turnaround time is expedited (diabetic inserts in 48 hours) resulting in higher satisfaction rates from both the practitioner and the diabetic patient.

Advanced Offloading for the Diabetic Foot

PAL’s diabetic prescription insert catalog includes the premier XFit line, providing comfort, support and maximum protection from pressure “hot spots.”  XFit diabetic inserts are Medicare approved, come with free accommodations (amputee fillers, pocketing, met pads, deep heel cups) and available for patients of any weight.

Due to the advanced imaging software of XtremityOne, the production of offloading devices is much more accurate, resulting in a better fit, faster healing, and increased patient satisfaction.

Improving the Standard of Diabetic Foot Care

Both foam boxes and pressure mats have proved to accentuate ulcerated areas, leading to an orthoses that would possibly exacerbate an existing wound. These methods cannot compare to the imaging technology of the non-weight bearing method of XtremityOne.

Additionally, the precision of XtremityOne is unmatched by any other scanner on the market. The images garnered from XtremityOne boast 150 points of measurement per square inch ensuring a more accurate diagnosis, fitting and treatment.  Patients then see a mirrored, 1-to-1 image of their feet, which may be the first time in a very long time that many diabetic patients have seen such a clear image.

Even at this high level of resolution, XtremityOne is capable of holding an unlimited number of images. This is particularly salient in wound healing as the storage of images allows practitioners to more accurately document a wound’s healing progress. Now, practitioners can feel confident that with XtremityOne, diabetic patients will receive the individual care they deserve.

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